Leverage AI to Grow Your Business

We help you solve advanced tasks within text, audio, image and video processing using deep learning.

Our Services

We help you through the whole process, from creating a project outline that aligns with your needs, to integrating the final product into your system.

Natural Language Processing

We have experience with a wide range of NLP tasks, including chatbots, translation, classification and regression tasks.

We can help with fine tuning and prompt engineering of popular models such as gpt-J, OPT, Bloom, Bert, T5, as well as models available through APIs such as GPT-3.

Audio Processing

With recent advances in the field of Audio AI such as Whisper 2.0, a range of new opportunities are available.

We can help with tasks such as text-to-speech, speech-to-text and speech classification.

Computer Vision

We can help with both image and vision task, including task for:

  • Image generation with Dall-E or Stable Diffusion
  • Image Classification
  • Video processing such as resolution improvement and lip sync

Data Processing

There are a wide range of other types of data, from forecasting trends, to training AI’s on games.

Our general competence within AI means we can likely find solutions for most types of data. 

Have a Look at Our Portfolio

Jackie Your AI Friend

We developed Jackie – a highly intelligent conversational AI with positive impact on mental health.

Check out the video or test the app yourself.

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Classifying Sentiment, Age and Clothing using Zero Shot and Fine Tuning

We have used transformer models for a range of image classification tasks, including:


– Regressive tasks such as: age estimation

– Zero shot learning, meaning that models can classify new categories of images without needing to be trained on them

Natural Language Processing

Language models are at the forefront when it comes to AI intelligence.

We help you from start to finish with the most cutting edge NLP models available.

Creating Conversational AI's and Speaking Avatars

We have developed customer support AI’s that can look up information in databases and answer using text to speech with avatars with moving lips.